Just a handful of dates between now and mid-May for this frighteningly fun online event!

This devilishly fun Zoom event will mix live and pre-recorded video to take you on a nighttime online ghost walk through haunted Milford Cemetery. Click here for upcoming dates, details about what this spooktacular evening will entail, and to reserve your ticket!

Using tarot cards for personal growth and exploration – 7 p.m. March 2

Live, virtual class via Zoom! Explore ways to use tarot cards as tools for personal growth and transformation. Learn how to determine your personality, soul and destiny cards, plus simple 3- and 5-card spreads.

Make your own pendulum and learn how to use it – 7 p.m. March 11

Make a pendulum and then learn how to use it to connect with your subconscious, follow your inner wisdom, and gain clarity.

The Celtic Cross: Learn how to read this classic tarot card spread – 7 pm April 6

Learn the relationships between the cards in this iconic spread, along with the overall story they tell you.